Division of Surgery and Anesthesia


The Surgery and Anesthesia Division of veterinary hospital comprises of two parts of small animal surgery and large animal surgery. Both parts are involved in teaching undergraduate courses such as principles of veterinary surgery, anesthesia, small and large animal surgeries, lameness in horse and cattle, clinical practice in surgery, and internship in veterinary surgery.

In addition to undergraduate teaching, the surgery section provides small and large animal clinical services to pet owners and farmers. These include medical care and treatment, surgical treatment of fractures, ear problems, castration of male animals, spaying of female animals (ovariohysterectomy) and cesarean section. Other services include the treatment of traumatic injuries, as well as bacterial and parasitic infections and wounds. For the large animals, clinical services provided to livestock farmers include diagnosis and treatment of different types of lameness in farm animals, diagnosis and treatment of different types of gastrointestinal tract conditions, Cesarean section, treatment of eye conditions, dehorning and disbudding, castration, etc.


University Courses for DVM Students:

  • Principles of veterinary surgery and anesthesia
  • Small animal surgery
  • Large animal surgery
  • Lameness
  • Clinical practice in the surgery section
  • Internship in small animal surgery
  • Internship in large animal surgery


Academic Members:

  1. Dr. Siamak Kazemi-Darabadi 
  2. Dr. Seyed-Hossein Jarolmasjed
  3. Dr. Sarah Javanmardi