Division of Food Hygiene


Food science is an interdisciplinary subject involving primarily bacteriology, chemistry, biology and engineering. Food chemistry, a major aspect of food science, deal with the composition and prosperities of food and the chemical changes it undergoes during handling, processing and storage period.

Educational programs in this division, including acquaintance student of veterinary medicine (DVM) to the basic chemical structures and properties of water, protein, carbohydrate, lipids, minerals and vitamins and their roles in food systems, alongside the principles of chemical and instrumental methods for the qualitative and quantitative analyses of above components. Students will perform experiments to determine major food components using chemical and instrumental methods.

Researches and educational courses are performing in the Food Chemistry laboratories. Educational programs related to this division include food chemistry and hygiene, and inspection of milk industries for DVM student.


Academic members: 

  1. Dr. Mir-Hassan Mousavi 
  2. Dr. Parviz Hasanzadeh