Division of Parasitology

Parasitology is the study of morphology and life cycle of parasites (Arthropods, Protozoans, and Helminths), as well as parasite-borne diseases, treatment, and control of them. Division of Parasitology staffs study parasites (also zoonotic diseases) with new modern methods and their biology and pathology.


University Courses for DVM Students:

  • Nematodes
  • Platyhelminthes
  • Protozoans
  • Arthropods


University Courses for BSc Students:

  • Parasitology 1 (Nematodes & Platyhelminthes)
  • Parasitology 2 (Arthropods & Protozoans)
  • Parasitological specific techniques


Academic Members:

  1. Dr. Ahmad Nematollahi (Professor)
  2. Dr. Parisa Shahbazi (Assistant  Professor)
  3. Dr. Abbass Imani-Baran (Assistant Professor)  
  4. Dr. Roghayeh Norouzi (Assistant Professor) 
Last Update At : 03 July 2017